Training and Behaviour assessments...

If you are experiencing problems with your dog, or simply want help with your recall or other aspects of training we can arrange a one-to-one assessment or a series of private lessons with you and your dog.

These take place at our excellent outside training facilities in Corhampton or at your own home.

Dog Behaviour

Behaviour Assessments at Corhampton

£60 for an initial assessment of 1 hour*

The Scallywags training and behaviour consultants and their dogs are especially experienced in working with dogs with aggression problems. Aggressive behaviour is more common than many people realise and is often made worse by incorrect handling of the problem. On a one-to-one basis we can teach you how to read and react to your dog, helping him to learn new, more appropriate behaviour.

Private training lessons at Corhampton

£40 an hour*

If you have a specific problem or just have one or two things you would like to work on then please call the office to book an appointment for a lesson. For some problems we may suggest an assessment, where we will meet you and your dog to observe the behaviour and discuss your training requirements.

Behaviour Assessments in your home

£175 for an initial assessment *

The behavioural consultation consists of visiting you at home, discussing the full history of the behaviour, looking at the dog’s environment/lifestyle and evaluating the behaviour issue. We will then discuss a plan of how to modify the unwanted behaviour ensuring it is kind, fair and effective for everyone.

* Depending on the severity of the issue, whether it is a multi-dog problem and if you are further than 10 miles from our new training venue in Corhampton, additional charges of may apply. Addtional costs will be discussed at the time of booking so that you are clear about the cost of the appointment before it goes ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our training and assessments require pre-booking so please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

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