Dog Classes

Our Dog Classes

Scallywags offer a variety of training classes & consultations, ranging from puppy training & socialising to more complex behaviour problems, adult dog club and all levels of agility. Whatever age your dog is, we can tailor our training to suit you!

Our main classes are shown below.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our classes require pre-booking so please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Dog Classes
Dog Classes at Scallywags

Puppy Classes

Between 8 & 12 weeks is a period in the dog’s development when all new experiences will have a maximum and long-lasting effect on the dog’s future disposition. This is also the best time to start basic training; walking on a loose lead, recall, sit, stand, down, wait etc. We offer a range of training and behavior options for your puppy, so please visit our puppy page for further details.

Please note: week one of our puppy classes is a chat without your puppy.

Dog Agility

Scallywags offer agility lessons and group classes at our outdoor venue in Corhampton for all levels and breeds. All classes require booking so please visit our agility page to find out more.

Recall Classes

Our recall classes is open to all adolescent dogs that have attended our puppy romp sessions and indoor puppy classes. Here they can continue to socialise in a safe environment whilst incorporating ongoing vital training in a real life outside environment. With the help of our instructors you will be able to practice your recall and learn new games to play with your dog when out and about.

This is a 4 week course designed to show you how attentive your dogs really are when we get it right 😊 We will show you calming technincs that will help you and your dog get a better understanding so that you are working in harmony. We build through the course on your relationship giving you the confidence to get your dog some freedom which is so important for their emotional well being.

If you feel that this would be of benefit to you, please speak to a member of the team who will be happy to discuss the options. If you have not been to a Scallywags class before, then please contact the team as an assessment will have to be undertaken.

Recall Classes

Junior Classes

This is a class is for slightly older puppies that may have missed our age deadline of 16 weeks to join our puppy class. This is an outside class, where we will work on the foundation skills of life as a pet dog. Initially we ask for the owner to bring to class 3 things that they would like to teach their dog, this is anything that may help the partnership flourish. Examples are walking on a loose lead, teaching the puppy to stay on the floor whilst greeting people, being calm around other dogs whilst on lead, we will touch on recall but if this has become an issue then we have our specifically designed recall class would be a better option  and all the basics that we like to teach puppies.

We advise that dogs should be on a body harness and lead, not an extendable lead please. As with all our training we use treats and you will need to provide your puppy with suitable treats during this course. If you have any further questions then please give our office a call on 01329 833813 or email for more details. We offer a Thursday morning or Saturday afternoon class, 1 hour session over 4 weeks £75.

Private Lessons

If you have a more complex problem or feel you would benefit from 1:1 tuition, a private lesson may be the best option. Find out more on our dog behaviour page.

Home Visits

If you cannot get to our venue or have a behaviour or training issue that is specific to the home environment, a home visit may be the best option. Find out more on our dog behaviour page.

Home Visits
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