Upham Dog Field Rental

Lower Upham Field Rental

We rent this land for the benefit of our clients who would like to either practise their training, gain some confidence with their dogs recall or would just like a safe walk without interruption.

Whatever the reason we hope you enjoy the land!

Please Note:
When there please be aware you are representing Scallywags, so please do not allow you dog to continually fence run or bark for prolonged times. Please be aware of the neighbours.


It is £10.00 per hour or part of. To be pre-booked via the office. Payment in advance via cash (in the office at Shedfield) or by BACS transfer:

Account Name: Scallywags School for Dogs Ltd
Sort code: 09-01-29
Account number 23655850

Entry to the field

There is a lay by just past The Alma pub car park, with a metal 5 bar gate, pull in whilst sorting the gate. If there is anyone in the field before you please do NOT enter until you have checked if it is ok to do so. There is a key safe screwed to the right post, you will be given the code once you have booked. Enter the code then open the safe and the keys to the gate padlock are inside. The black key fits in the black padlock located on the chain around the right post. The key will only come out of the lock if the padlock is locked. Open gate and drive in. Close and lock the gate. When you are ready walk through wooden gate, then enjoy your walk. Any problems please let me know asap 01329 833813.

Where is the field?

The field entrance is in Mortimers Lane. Lower Upham. So travelling north on the B2177, leaving Bishops Waltham, you will come to Lower Upham. At the Alma pub turn left onto the B3037  Mortimers Lane. Then you drive past the pub car park entrance and it is the first lay by on the left hand side

Rules when using the field

  1. Always picking up after your dog/s and taking the waste home with you.
  2. Locking up the field by placing the key back in the key safe and turning the combination lock back to 0000.
  3. Being polite to the neighbours and informing me of any negative comments that you may receive during your visit.
  4. Calling me if there are any problems during your visit or for any last minute field bookings. 01329 833813
  5. Not entering the field or getting your dogs out of the car if there are dogs in the field already.
  6. Only using force-free, reward based training methods during your visit – no electric shock collars, choke chains or citronella collars please. If you feel the need to use these type of ‘training aids’ and need some help with a behaviour problem please contact me for advice.
  7. Not allowing your dog to continually fence run, chase or bark at horse riders, dog walkers etc. that are using the surrounding area.
  8. You agree that Scallywags School for Dogs Ltd and/or Claire White-French cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to persons, property or dogs during your time at the field.
  9. You accept responsibility and liability for your actions during your time at the field.

Online Booking

Please choose the date and time that you would like to book and enter your information. The current code for the padlock to the field will be emailed to you.

If paying by BACS please use the reference: UFH followed by your surname (e.g. for Mr Smith = UFHSMITH)

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